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A bit about Me 

Marissa Jane Photography

I am Marissa, a South Yorkshire Photographer, based in Doncaster, I am also a mum to 5 Children, 4 boys and 1 girl, I have trained in Wedding and Newborn Photography, for the past 5 years.

It was in 2009 when I started my journey into photography, where I spent most of my time capturing my own children, they became my inspiration. I wanted to capture every milestone, holiday and school event in their life whilst I could, like most of us these days.

Photography has become a huge part of every day life, with the handy use of Mobile phones, but there are a lot of things and techniques some phones cant do, and this is why I continue to do this job. ​I love to share other peoples stories through Photography, by capturing their memorable moments, especially wedding days; as the day goes so fast, it can become a blur, or babies when they are at their squishy curling up stage. They grow so quick, its these moments that are important to capture, every milestone moments of children, when they get their first tooth, haircut, first sit alone, Birthdays etc.


In my spare time (well when I get some) I love to try other kinds of Photography, I became a member of my local camera club which I really enjoy being a part of, talking with other photographers about all different types of photography, and learning new things that others are experienced in.


Ok I think I have rambled on enough, lets talk about you! You must be here for a reason, Wedding? Newborn ? If yes to either of these,please take a look at my work, if you like what your see, drop me a message with your enquiry and i'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Wedding Photograpy San Pietro
Aston Hall Hotel wedding by Marissa Jane Photography

My Wedding Style 

I am a classic Phtotographer, who uses natural light to capture those dreamy moments, but also uses creative light for those dramatic images. 


From candid to the posed photos, and all the little details that can be forgotton over time.


My aim is to capture your day as it happens, so you can relive it and tell everyone about your love story.

Newborn Photography Docaster

My Newborn/Portrait Style 

I am a minimalist photographer when it comes to capturing the memories of your new little Prince or Princess. 

I aim to use as little props as possible so we don't lose the real reason you come to me, and that is to capture and freeze your new bundle of joy at that very moment of time.


This way you have these moments that you can treasure forever. Time stops for no-one, it goes so fast and before we know it those little tiny hands and feet, will grow to become young adults in the blink of an eye. 



Go all natural with natural light, and a nice subtle tones.

Marissa jane Photography Wedding
Lazaat wedding Photography


Add some drama to your wedding Photos with the use of creative light 

Crown hotel Wedding Photography
Marissa Jane Photography
Marissa Jane Photography


Want something different, lets be creative 

marissa Jane Photography
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