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Macro Practicing

So I have had my 70-300 Tamron Macro lens for around 5 years and never used the macro section of it, why ??? Dont really know but then again I have never really had anything to use it on, I dont get flowers often, I dont like insects and anything thats flies haha, so never really gave it a second thought.

That is until very recently, when I decided, I really want to learn this Macro Photography. So one morning I just decided to get up and get my camera out and my lens. Well I had flowers for first time in a long time, and they were growing very well. with the use of lemonade of course. (Apparantly something in the lemonade helps them bloom) I don't get flowers often because to be honest I cant look after them very well ooops. We only had them because we have lovely friends, my daughter and I received these flowers as a token of support during my daughters Eye operation. So what beter way to make memories than to photograph the flowers.

Anyway Tripod out, camera attached, lens on Shutter cable on to prevent shakiness, cos I can get very shaky when I am concentrating, and as I was new to this I knew there would be lots of shaking coming from my hands hehe.

And focus I do. I take the first shot, not bad but not great. keep at it I thought. so I carry on. Here is the first image no editing or anything

right need to open the aperature up and sort the focus point out. So away we go click click click. I was getting there, but I decided I needed something else to focus on, and I had seen many shots with water droplets, so ok get a spoon, trickle some water on the spoon, and drip drip and again and again i repeated until the droplet fell roughly where I wanted it to. Right, now i have something better to focus on. Again Click Click Click.............. What was the result .......

Not Bad hey......... So okay I keep playing around, shaking off the water and re-adding the droplets, to different flowers. With a bit of post processing and adding textures to one of the photos here Is one final image........

And here are a couple more...... Hope you like I am really impressed for my first attempt at Macro with this lens. And you know what I was ready to sell it, So glad I didnt. phewww lol....

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