• Marissa Jane

Health Kick I need up the bum!!

So beginning of this year, I stopped smoking on 1st January 2016, and I have successfully done that for 7 months, yayyy go me :) hehe ( Well someone has to congratulate me ha) Anyway, along with the giving up of smoking I was meant to be starting back with the health and fitness, as in the year 2014 I had lost 2 stone. All by following an healthy eating plan and documenting my calorie intake using the fitness pal app on my phone..... but then I went on holiday...... well we all know what going on holiday does.... yep eat, drink be merry until you come back and stand on the scales eurgh I put on half a stone.... Not bad I hear you say?..... Well it wouldn't have been if I had of been on holiday for 2 weeks but no 5 days.... yep that's right 5 days all inclusive..... ha.... lets say I made the most of the food and drink I had paid for.... me being truly British.

.... So time to go back to the gym and eat healthy again......yeah for all of 1 week ..... its so hard to keep it up when you get out of a routine. Then I realised it will soon be Christmas.... food, chocolate, tipples of happy juice...yep you guessed it I fell off the wagon again for a whole year..... 2 stone back on. (Grrrr all that hard work I had done for a whole 9 months losing the 2 stone and feeling great)

So anyway back to beginning of the story ha, I started again trying to lose the 2 stone I put back on in 2016...... Well it went well to start with, I bought vegetables, fruit, went to the gym three times a week........... until one day I couldn't make the gym..... family reasons and me not being very well ......but that was it....... I stopped going to the gym altogether..... however my fruit eating stayed but iwthout excercise it takes alot longer and me probably like everyone else wants to loose weight overnight, If only it was that simple.

So there it is my path to chubbiness continues..... my ever growing hips spilling over my once nicely fit jeans.

We are now in the Seventh month of 2016 and I just cant get motivated.... the only healthy thing I have been doing lately is taking pictures of the fruit I buy.

I would like to take this time to congratulate anyone out there who:

1) is successfully maintaining an health diet and exercise plan

2) has lost weight

3) Who is motivated, determined and really trying their best to be the person they long to be

You are doing amazing, Be proud of yourself and keep it up.