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What's Occurring at Thorne Summer Festival Pt2

....... Continuing from Part 1 as I ran out of space...... To much fun and activities going on :))

Can only mean the Thorne Festival again is a success.

So anyway where was I ....... (thinking..... thinking...... Oh yeah that's it, refuel live music and dance shows. Now if that doesn't help with your relaxing and re-energising of those batteries, maybe a visit to the arena could help....... you could watch Punch and Judy and good old traditional puppet show...

I heard there was also a reptile tent.... eurghhhh eeeewwww eeeekkk I wanted to stay clear of them, but unfortunately other people liked them and enjoyed touching them having them wrapped around their neck, So I swapped my 24-70mm lens for my 70-180mm lens I weren't getting too close to that lol.......

There were some other people causing a storm around the summer festival........ did you spot them??

Well they certainly didn't keep Spiderman away....

Think that about sums up the fesitivities of the 2016 summer festival...... More photos will be posted on Thorne Summer Festivals Facebook page....... https://www.facebook.com/Thornesummerfestival.... maybe you will also spot yourself in the Thorne Times.

I would like to thank Mel Wake for putting my name forward to Joanne Huckitt, who asked me to document this event. Thank you so much for the opportunity I really enjoyed myself.

Here are a few other highlights from Sundays Festival.

Happy Summer Holidays

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