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Hello Autumn..... Where did you come from??

Well hasn't this year gone quick, October already, Autumn/Fall Season....... Halloween, Harvest Festivals at school, Stew season, Scarves, and hats, Bonfire night,

Remember to stay safe and warm.

The time of year for dark nights followed by misty mornings, I love autumn especially for photography, I can wait to get out with my camera again see what awaits me outside.

Last year I was in Pateley Bridge Harrogate, UK, It was such a wonderful place to photograph, and a lovely morning walk down beside the stream, where there were plenty of early morning Cyclists, Dog Walkers and not forgetting the campers, they must have been freezing.

Who knows where my travels will take me this year ?? somewhere with character and love nature paths?? Do you have any ideas or can recommend anywhere?


As a child I remember October as conker season, where we tried our hardest to get the biggest and shiniest conker, then we would put it in the oven to try and make it even harder.

Why did we make it harder I hear you ask ?? So no body could break it and then became the conker champion lol. It didn't always work though. But we had fun trying. Oh an the shoe laces that went missing from everyone's shoes ooops.

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