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West Coast Illuminations (Blackpool) UK

If your from the UK, you will be familiar with Blackpool ( the Dirty Puddle hehe) if however you have not heard of it or visited it then here is a little information for you:

Blackpool is a popular seaside resort which sits on the west coast of the UK. The latest figures show it welcomed 10.1 million visitors in 2014 and increases each year. Every year for 66 days during the autumn months when most of the other seaside resorts are coming to an end Blackpool light up the 6 mile promenade with various lights previously known as "Artificial Sunshine" but now more commonly known as "The Blackpool Illuminations" or " The Annual Light Show"

Fore more history Information regarding the Annual illuminations please follow this link


Each year an annual Switch on Event is held, which includes performances from many celebrities and music acts and the actual switch on of the lights. This year Dame Barbara Windsor did the unveiling on the lights but previous celebrities have included: Robbie Williams, Westlife, Gary Barlow, Status Quo plus many more famous UK names. For a full list please click this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_who_have_switched_on_the_Blackpool_Illuminations

During the illuminations Blackpool's tramlines are lit up with decorative trams riding up and down the promenade, which visitors can ride.

Blackpool has 3 piers along its 6 mile Promenade the South Pier, near the Pleasure Beach, The Central Pier which holds attractions such as the big wheel and Sedgewicks Funfair, then up towards the Blackpool tower is the north Pier.

During this actual shot, the tide was coming in, little did we realise how fast it came, Shortly after this shot was taken we had to quickly vacate the beach area to the steps. So please be careful if you visit Blackpool watch for the tide because I didn't realise, it wasn't until Sue who was with me at the time of this shot informed me. You can actually see the movement of the water in the puddle. Within 10 -15 minutes the water came right up to the steps as you can see in the next picture.

Blackpool has many attractions, and is well worth a visit, but remember to take plenty of spondoolies, because you will want to see and do everything.

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