• Marissa Jane

Autumn Shootings (Photos)

All night I looked at the weather forecast for the next day rain due 9am 10am 11am 12am.... here I am thinking this shoot isn't going to happen, it had been planned a while.....

Morning of Sunday 6th November 2016, I awake around 7am laid in bed looks out the window, drawn to the blue skies and white clouds thinking yes could be on track for the morning family shoot in our local park. come 9am, still blue skies as I looked out the window..... Then when I looked again there is was the moody black cloud winging its way over to us. urghhhh, yes another wet autumn day.

Still hoping we could get the break in weather we needed, we re-scheduled later in the day, Finally the rain stopped and we could get outside and complete the family photoshoot.

It was then the girls turn to play and have some fun whilst having their photos taken. Unfortunately the rain started just as we were finishing the shoot, we were lucky to get them done and in the space of time we had before the heavens opened again.

The girls did super well during their shoot, despite the bad weather, and their outfits are divine.