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Easter Mini Shoot Promotion

Last weekend saw my first ever Easter Mini shoot promotion. I actually loved getting the props for this one. Just love the colours of Easter and Spring, all those pastel colours and the sweet little chicks.

My first unexpected client was Ella, my advertising model for this shoot.

We used a plain white background for this mini shoot session as with all the colours and different props we didn't need any thing taking away from the props. We just added an "Happy Easter" bunting behind.

My first model of the day was 7 year old Millie, an absolute dream to work with. I shall definately be calling upon Millie again for some on location shoots.

We started with some poses in Hats, Bunny Ears and then just some general shots before the fun with feathers got underway.

Then it was time for some fun shots with feathers. I think Millie enjoyed this part, she is such a sweetheart with a golden smile.

I could post photos all day, but lets go to our next client of the day.

Brothers Dylan 5 and Charlie 7 months. Two different type of shots. We started with Charlie before the little cutie began to get frustrated. I find it's best to start with the youngest.

Charlie was such a smiler from our first greeting, I said hello and he just grinned happily at me, and he continued to smile throughout, well when he wasn't eating my little chicks and eggs.

Charlie seemed to enjoy the Easter props as much as I did.

Now was time get a shot with big brother Dylan.......

Such a cute pair together look at those handsome boys and those cheeky smiles. Dylan was waiting for the feathery fun.

And as you can see he enjoyed this part of the shoot. It great when kids can have fun during a photo shoot, make it much better for them and you get genuine smiles of happiness.

Please note I have no more Easter Mini Shoot Promotions coming up.

Please keep looking out for the next mini shoot promotion either on my website or on facebook.

Thank you to Ella, Millie, Dylan and Charlie for taking part in my Easter themed Mini Shoot, I really enjoyed working with you all and hope to see you again for more photography fun.

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