• Marissa Jane

Arabella's Smashing Birthday

We have all heard about the cake smash shoots ? Some get them some don't..... The kids most definitely enjoy them, and Arabella was no exception.

Firstly we started by introducing Arabella to the camera and to the location of where the shoot will be, (this is what we call a mini shoot). We like to get children used to me and the camera and being comfortable in the surroundings.

We do mini shoots before hand so when the time comes for the cake smash session they are happy and ready to go.

Arabella had a couple of outfit changes too throughout her mini shoot, and got to play with different props to help us interact, some were at her parents request and some I have outfits for.

Such a cute little girl and so pleasantly happy throughout. Just look at that smile :)

After around 30 mins - 45mins (this can depend on how your child is feeling on the day) we then set up for the cake smash session. Whilst we were setting up Arabella was getting changed into her outfit for the session (I arrange the decorations, cake, and clothing for the session. Colour theme can be chosen by you if you prefer. At least one months advance booking is required to make sure everything is organised)

This is a standard set up ready for you little one.

A few more images from Arabella's Cake Smash Session

You can see the fun Arabella had during her shoot. She looked like she was having so much fun even her mummy and daddy wanted to join in the fun