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Mr and Mrs Woolley - Earl of Doncaster

Saturday 15th April - Easter weekend, we all know how the weather goes on the Easter holidays, well today it was holding out for the wedding of Rachael and Bradley.

Bridal prep took place at the Ceremony location with gorgeous windows giving in plenty of light to illuminate the bride and her party.

By the time I arrived, bottles were open glasses of champagne/processco were already half full, this bridal party were already celebrating.

Nerves were setting in for the bride, it was the sighs and the heavy breathing which gave it away, but among the bridal party stressing about when to get dressed and what time it is and how long we got, there were two young people who were oblivious to it all. Little Nancy and Oliver:

Nearly ceremony time 1 hour to go, time for the mother of bride, and Bridesmaids to get ready.

Before you get to see the bride in her attire, first lets head to the boys in their attire.... well they did dress for the occasion and made an effort, and where do we usually find the men ???

At the bar :)) .... don't they look appealing ?? the beers I mean (joking)

Time for these fellas to knock back the beer and head to the alter where the groom and his men awaits the bride ......

after all the legal stuff is done and it is announced Rachael and Bradley are now happily married, time for some outdoor photos, weather is still looking good. We make a dash for the park before the rain comes.... but it managed to stay away :))

Now time for just the bride and groom........some alone time (minus me an other people in the park) before being hugged and squeezed and kissed by all their guests.

It truly was a lovely day and what a perfect setting for some bride and groom photos with the blossom trees in full bloom. The day was not over even after I left after the first dance, the party was in full swing and the bride and groom enjoyed every minute of it and so they should.

It truly was a pleasure to spend my Saturday with the lovely couple Rachael and Bradley and their family and guests documenting their special day.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Woolley. xx

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