• Marissa Jane

Mr and Mrs Kerrigan say IDO

All week I had been watching the weather forecast, rain, rain, showers..... I was hoping and praying for a dry day for the bride and groom, well nobody wants it to rain on their wedding day, but unfortunately with the English weather it it is not reliable.

Luckily this time it was on Linda's side.

Linda and Glyn had opted for an afternoon wedding. On Friday 12th May, as the day went on the sun was still shining. I arrived at Linda's home to capture moments in the run up to the ceremony. Linda was already dressed, looking beautiful, with her hair and make up to perfection. No rain was going to spoil this day. Wearing her biggest smile we got some lovely pre-ceremony photos.

It turns out I had a little assistant who wanted to photograph nanna and do what I was doing:

Unbe known to Lynda, she had a little surprise coming her way. Linda originally thought her husband to be was driving them both to the ceremony........ but.........

What is that I see ???????





Hubby to be only organised a secret car and chauffeur to drive her to the ceremony...... Not only that he had her parents collected too and they all drove together <3

What a lovely surprise. :)


Time for me to head off to see the Groom and the guests arrive before Linda makes her entrance.

In the distant I could here the horn of the car...... "Here comes the Bride" :)