• Marissa Jane

Mr and Mrs Allott - Wentbridge House Hotel

My first outdoor ceremony, I was so looking forward to this, the sun was shining (sometimes the sun is a photographers worst enemy especially when its so high and glaring) thank goodness for Grad and ND Filters.

The ceremony setting was all set up when I arrived so before meeting the groom, I captured the layout that awaited the bride and groom in the beautiful gardens of Wentbridge House Hotel.

My next port of call was to meet the groom, this can be tricky when you have only had consultations with the bride. I gained a bit of help from the Reception staff who advised me of the grooms attire so I could Identify him.

If you haven't already guessed the groom is in white (that made things alot easier), doing his job of greeting and entertaining his wedding guests.

Before we knew it, it was time for everyone to head out on to the lawn, where they await the brides arrival down the aisle.

The atmosphere was great, the sun was shining, everyone was smiling, bubbles were swirling in the air, it truly was a spectacular moment, even the groom was playing with bubbles.

It was the moment we met the bride, and arrive she did attached to her brother who had the honorable duty of giving her away. The happy couple said their vows and was declared husband and wife.