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Mr and Mrs Kostyszyn - Punchbowl Inn

Saturday 17th June 2017, and the hottest weekend of the year, was upon us. I had umbrellas packed in the car; just in case, well we all now the English weather is not to be trusted, but I also thought they would make a good prop to shade the bride and groom away from the Sun.

I set off on my journey loving the weather but praying for a cloud just for the sun to hide behind for the photos..... I arrived the bridal parties makeup was all complete and hair creations were in the process. I immediately unpack my cameras and attached the lens I think I need for the shots. I won't bore you with the details you just want to see the photos don't you ? heheh OK .......

Casually sat around the kitchen you wouldn't think the bride was getting married in 3 and half hours. Seems a long time doesn't it? ..... But I can tell you it goes way too fast and we have to squeeze in all the photos and get the bride ready to arrive on time for her grand entrance.

Makeup and hair all done, time for bridesmaids and flower girls to get ready whilst the bride makes her final preps before stepping into her stunning wedding gown.

As time draws closer emotions were building, and eventually they got the better of Ally, the moment to say I do to that special man in her life was imminent. This is all she has wanted for the past few months since starting to plan her wedding.

Lets focus on making sure she is ready and arrives on times no more delays, Ally has waited long enough for this day.

And what a stunning bride Ally makes, even her daughters are in awe look at their smiles.... please don't believe me take a look for yourselves.

Stunning ....... What did I say ?? I love the one with the girls, a precious memory for all... Time for me to move on to the groom and page boys and to greet the guests as they arrive if they havent already.

I arrive and I spot the groom, page boys and best man, lets grab some photos...

Before all the guests arrive its time for me to grab a photo of the room before everyone walks in so the bride can see it when she gets her wedding album.

By the time I had finished and went back outside in the sun, the guests had arrived and waiting to enter the ceremony area.

News is in, the bride is here ...... time for everyone to get inside, take their seat ready for her entrance.

On being face to face with his beautiful bride the groom was overwhelmed with emotions, but they managed to say their vows and seal it with the most famous kiss ever.....

It is now official the new Mr and Mrs Kostyszyn..... Congratulations, what better way to announce your now married than ..........

More photos of bride and groom?? of course because that is why were here after all.....

We were meant to go to a local fishing area for location photos and different scenery but due to the weather, the bride and groom were happy to stay at the Punchbowl Inn as it was too hot. Which was understandable in this heat, there wish is my command :)

Whilst the bride and groom were greeted by their guests and families, I took some time to capture the children playing together.

It truly was an emotional day for the bride and groom, the emotions didn't stop there they continued throughout the speeches. The best man delivered such a touching and moving speech, even I was filling up behind my camera.

I am sure not only me but the rest of the guests felt a tear in their eye also as they listened to the heartfelt words being spoken in front of them. But despite the tears we were all able to raise a glass to the happy couple.

Congratulations once again Ally and Wayne, thank you for letting me document your special day. xx

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