• Marissa Jane

Alix Dances the day away

Endless days driving to work down the same roads, I often look around and vision photography scenes I would like to create..........

.......A Ballet Dancer in her finest tutu and pointe shoes, in the fields down country lanes, yep cos that's all I see on a daily basis during the week on my way to work before sitting in the office and looking at a screen for 7 hour a day.

That was my inspiration for this shoot. I know of plenty dancers, but one which never even crossed my mind, yet I had seen this girl grow from a baby to a beautiful young girl. (One of my daughters best friends and she only lives a stone throw away).

I never know how people may react sometimes when I ask to borrow their child for photos lol, I suppose it can sound a bit creepy I know especially in this day and age, but obviously they knew me. So I asked the question and without hesitation they agreed. I watched the weather forecast for that week and we planned our day and waited for the golden hour as they say in the photography world (around an hour or 2 before the sun sets depending on how the clouds are sitting that evening) we opted for 6pm.

So we headed out to our location. Alix was a perfect model never questioned any of my ideas and she even put her own spin on it.

Unfortunately on occasions when you get an idea of something, it doesn't always work out when you try to put it into practice, but Alix gave it her all, as any dancer does.

The first idea was the use of the log I had seen days on end, but when we got there the day we were to shoot, it had been moved ...... actually it was better that way, I could vary my angles and POV.

Before Alix became too numb from sitting we moved her slightly to the right and into the field. To capture this next image, I did a few frames on different settings then worked with the layers to create a silhouette image. I must say I really do like this and love the lines Alix created for the silhouette to work, and the light that her legs catch as the sun sets for the evening.

We did many more poses and variations in this area, before we moved further round the corner for a different view. As the evening was getting on and the field grounds weren't the best for Pointe shoes due to hard ground and the insects were out we only managed a few more shots before leaving for home.

But that wasn't the last stop, me being me decided may be one or two more stops before home, But we had to be quick due to the biting gnats that were congregating around the fields for a natter with their friends :) waiting to pray on their victims.... or in this case me and Alix.

So for the final image I will show you to end the blog is this one, a simple photo and an elegant dancer.

Thank you again Alix for being a true sport and model for my visionary photography series. A real pleasure to work with you.

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