• Marissa Jane

Katie and Sarah become One

Friday 7th July 2017, just another day ?? not for two beautiful ladies, as this day we witness the marriage of Katie and Sarah.

When I arrived the guests were already waiting, enjoying a glass of their favourite tipple passing the time until the we watch the bride and bride tie the knot.

Before everyone was seated for the ceremony, it was my chance to grab some photos of the little things, that Katie and Sarah may miss due to the excitement of their big day.

Such beautiful touches, and so thoughtful to their guests.

I don't know about you but I usually forget tissues, and then end up with mascara running down my face.

Weddings can be very emotional, and stressful, however, despite all the planning to organise their perfect day, they had time to think about their guests, and make sure there were tissues available so there were no dilemmas when it came to the family photos.

Wow that went fast, time to usher the guests into their seats, the bride and bride are on their way.... eeeek

They're here........ and don't they look beautiful??

The guests wait patiently including the ring bearer and bridesmaid for them to walk down the aisle

All eyes were on the happy couple during the ceremony.