• Marissa Jane

Mr and Mrs Haywood - Normanby Hall

22nd July 2017, this date has had a few interests regarding wedding photography, but one lucky couple secured their date a little over 2 years prior to their big day. (Yes we take bookings this far in advance). Well what a morning it was too, rising from my bed I looked out the window and the rain was bouncing.

Checking my weather app, as we photographers must do to make sure we have the correct equipment to cope with these unfortunate events, things were due to improve throughout the day, but looking out the window at that time it didn't look hopeful.

I grabbed my gear and puts on my winter woolly cardigan (yes in July I know), and heads for the bridal prep location. Just as I pull up outside, again the heavens opened, I stayed in the car for a few minutes, the rain was not letting up, I had to grab the umbrellas wrap up my equipment and make a dash for the house. Greeted by a very calm bride just taking everything in her stride she directed me to where it was all happening........ Wine and Champagne were already being sipped in celebration, breakfast was on its way (courtesy of the new local Mcdonalds of course) hair and make up, were in production.

I could hear some voices in the distance.......hmmm wonder who that could be........ only the younger bridesmaid, being really well behaved playing and getting along....... it really was a relaxed atmosphere during the whole bridal prep.

Knock on the door, flower delivery for the bridal party...

Gorgeous flower bouquets and they gave off a beautiful aroma, cant beat fresh flowers.

Sat having their hair and make up done and we could see the clouds start to disperse around 11am.

The timing could not have been more better. Where there is sun there are smiles, the morning went by so quickly, but the bride still had time to clean, can you believe it....