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Mr and Mrs Haywood - Normanby Hall

22nd July 2017, this date has had a few interests regarding wedding photography, but one lucky couple secured their date a little over 2 years prior to their big day. (Yes we take bookings this far in advance). Well what a morning it was too, rising from my bed I looked out the window and the rain was bouncing.

Checking my weather app, as we photographers must do to make sure we have the correct equipment to cope with these unfortunate events, things were due to improve throughout the day, but looking out the window at that time it didn't look hopeful.

I grabbed my gear and puts on my winter woolly cardigan (yes in July I know), and heads for the bridal prep location. Just as I pull up outside, again the heavens opened, I stayed in the car for a few minutes, the rain was not letting up, I had to grab the umbrellas wrap up my equipment and make a dash for the house. Greeted by a very calm bride just taking everything in her stride she directed me to where it was all happening........ Wine and Champagne were already being sipped in celebration, breakfast was on its way (courtesy of the new local Mcdonalds of course) hair and make up, were in production.

I could hear some voices in the distance.......hmmm wonder who that could be........ only the younger bridesmaid, being really well behaved playing and getting along....... it really was a relaxed atmosphere during the whole bridal prep.

Knock on the door, flower delivery for the bridal party...

Gorgeous flower bouquets and they gave off a beautiful aroma, cant beat fresh flowers.

Sat having their hair and make up done and we could see the clouds start to disperse around 11am.

The timing could not have been more better. Where there is sun there are smiles, the morning went by so quickly, but the bride still had time to clean, can you believe it....

Now the cleaning is out the way, the bridesmaids began getting ready and here they all are looking beautiful.

With all the bridesmaids ready, there is just one person we were waiting for ..........

The Bride...

with the help of Aunty Josie, out walks the stunning Bride Kelly.

I was in awe of her dress, simple, elegant and the gorgeous material, just love the Audrey Hepburn Style.

Ok, you have waited long enough you can see for yourselves.

After a few more photos of the bride and her bridal party, it was time to head to the location of the ceremony and greet the men and guests before the bride arrives. Luckily the rain was staying away.

Look how smart they look, even the adults hehe. Definitely dressed for the occasion.

Before the guests and the bride arrive time to grab a pic of the room layout and the setting so the bride could see what it looked like. These things the bride doesn't get to see when it is empty and just done, which is kind of unfair after all the planning and prepping that goes in to making everything perfect for her big day. Room Decoration by Weddings by Chloe can be found on Instagram.

So just for you Kelly, these are the reasons I take these kind of shots.

Love the letters of their initials up on the fire place, adds that personal touch, dont you think? I heard Kelly likes to purchase bits hehe (had to get that in there, thank you Jane for that little bit of information)

The guests can now enter the building and await the bride for their first glance. I love my job because I get to see the bride first, just an added bonus.

Was someone feeling the nerves???? What do you think Gary ??

The bride was here and ready to greet her new husband, I love to wait for the grooms reaction, and this was no exception.

Now that was a huge smile that spread across Gary's face he was beaming, well wouldn't you if this lady greeted you at the alter?

We all now the service goes, rings vows and then the final kiss to seal the deal

That was it all done they were now officially Mr and Mrs Haywood.

Congratulations to you both, and even better the sun was still shining, so we could venture outside for photographs of the happy couple, before their private moment of a little drive courtesy of Silver Star Wedding Cars after becoming Mr and Mrs.

Whilst the bride and Groom have some private time It gives me time to capture the guests awaiting to greet and congratulate the happy Couple. (The images the bride and groom don't see)

First to greet the bride and groom when they return was Liam and Callum, they must have missed them whilst they were gone.

I had still not finished with photographing the happy couple, I was making the most of this glorious weather whilst we could, so more photos. Well that is why I am here of course.

Ok, I can officially let the bride and groom enjoy the rest of their day and no more posing and greet their guests properly, with no more interruptions from me. Sorry to the guests waiting, but am sure you will agree they need their photos. I can just capture the happenings around them now like the fact the bride has pockets in her dress, yes pockets I know but what could a bride possibly keep in the pocket of her wedding dress ????

Yes a Pen....!! of all things to carry a Pen. I think Kelly was making sure she had a pen to sign that register of Marriage hehe.

And wait, there it goes back in the pocket if you seriously thought I was joking...... Sorry Kelly but I couldn't resist these shots.

After formal line up photos with their guests, it was time to head inside for the food, the children were getting hungry, but before they head inside lets take a peek at the room.

and over in the corner, sits their simple yet beautiful wedding cake.

After the meal and I must say that Cheesecake looked so tasty, it was time for some speeches from the groom, Bestman and father of the bride.

What an absolutely beautiful day it turned out to be for this lovely couple. Once the speeches were over and the photos were done, the heavens opened once again, but who was bothered about that now. It was time for the couple to dance the night away, and for me to head home.

Good night and Congratulations once again to the Mr and Mrs Haywood.

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