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Donna and Richards Super Wedding

Pulling up outside the Bridal Prep location it was like there wasn't a wedding at all about to happen, it was so calm, nobody about.....

Have I got the right house ??

Have I booked the wrong date ?? 

Knock knock Knock ........................ There was movement I heard it, and then Donna answers the door, "Morning" I say, it was so quiet, hair and make up ladies were already there, pampering the bridesmaids. I was definitely at the right house and on the right date ..... Phewwww.

Whilst the bridesmaids were getting all glam, I went and captured the girls Dresses and accessories. 

When I came back downstairs the Bride was having her hair done, so a few snaps of this whilst she nattered to mum and Dad. I am a candid snapper and love these candid moments, just have to be there at the right time. 

Time to get the youngest bridesmaids ready in their dresses. They were so well behaved, you wouldn't even know they were there they were so quiet.

Aren't these the cutest little flower girls ever??

Now time to reveal the brides little details before she steps into her dress ready for her all eyes on me walk down the aisle.

Look at the detail on this stunning dress from Tickled Pink Bridal in Hatfield. Would you like to see more of it ??

Gorgeous lace and button detail at the back.  Now you have seen the bride..... I know before the guests as well hehe.

That's me now on my way to greet the Groom and guests all who will be awaiting the Brides arrival.

We are heading to the new Register Office, the first wedding I have had in the new venue. With the location in mind, I had my chauffeur (boyfriend/assistant) drive me there so I didn't have to waste time finding a parking space and I never missed an opportunity, for the perfect photo, like the groom and his men walking up to the venue, like something out of a movie. 

 Speaking of movies...... all looks normal doesn't it ?? Well look closer ........ Closer Still .................

There were some fun and quirky little extras added throughout this wedding. Kept me on my toes and was fun to photograph. Can you guess which was the groom ?? Spiderman, Ironman or Captain America ?? 

Guess what? ...with all that, we are still awaiting the brides arrival for the ceremony and the actual wedding to take place .... The reason were here.......

Quick everyone inside the wedding car is approaching ............ and out gets the bride looking flawless and with the proud father of the bride by her side. 

The groom was waiting patiently at the alter for his wife to be to come down the aisle,

and wait he did. It seemed to take a long time before Donna came through the doors. But what a wait it was..... and look at that smile from the groom not to mention the Brides smile ...... says it all doesn't it? Most definitely The Happy Couple.

The bride and groom says their vows and exchange rings in the front of family and friends and with the Registrar pronouncing them Mr and Mrs Brown and the famous words "you may now kiss your bride" that  concludes the service and onto the celebrations and to the reception.

Well not really celebrate yet, we have all the traditional line up photos to get through and then some private photography of the new Mr and Mrs Brown before they can officially celebrate. 

Here are just a few of the photos from their private session away from their guests. A time to take into consideration they are now husband and wife and their family is complete. 

Photos are not always serious, I do like to throw in some unconventional ideas in there and with the theme of Donna and Richards wedding it was bound to happen .........

Before the food came out we had a quick sneak of the room before all the guests entered  and wow, the room set up was amazing. 

There were two sides to this room you just had to look closer for the themed side....

Room 1 

 Room 2 

Now time for the cake courtesy of Linzi's Cake Delights which can be found on facebook. 

One side - The Brides Side love the little handmade figures.

 Side 2 - The grooms side 

How cool is this cake ??

All that goodness made me hungry time for some food and a break whilst the Bride and groom and their guests refuel too. 

Back for the speeches and evening guests arriving. There were some extra activities at the evening reception to keep their guests entertained.

Bit of blackjack and roulette mobile casino from Queen of Diamonds. A cartoon artist going round and drawing their guests, and of course the disco. 

Before I head home for the rest of the evening, there was one more thing we must watch......the bride and groom's first dance to officially open the dance floor. 


It was a beautiful yet fun filled wedding event. Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day, I loved all the quirky parts and the serious parts. It was a day to remember.  

29th July 2017 - Doncaster Register Office, and The Glasshouse  


Linzi Cake Delights 

Tickled Pink Hatfield 

Queen of Diamonds - Mobile Casino

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