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Free Photoshoot Winner

After being asked by a lady called Charlie, to photograph her weight loss journey for an entry to a competition, it got me thinking about other people in the community who have taken their own weight loss journey and been successful.

Losing weight is a big achievement, its not an easy thing to start or to continue, it takes dedication and motivation. We all like to enjoy a takeaway, or go to the coast for a bag of chips, or nip to the local sandwich shop for a spot of lunch.

Lets not forget about the weekends, how those enjoyable drinks put on those inches. It costs us dearly to enjoy life, not just the money we spend, but it costs our bodies, then we get upset about what we have done. Its a vicious circle unfortunately, but we have to take charge and be in charge of our life and our bodies and how we manage it the best we can.

In June I ran my own little competition over on my facebook page and Instagram. I asked people to post a before and after photo of their weight loss. People were scared to enter because they didn't think they deserved it, or they hadn't lost a much as the next person.

The competition wasn't about who lost the most, or who looked better. It was about embracing the fact they took the journey, they worked hard, they did it for themselves, they were happier for it, and they achieved their own goals. I wanted to help them celebrate that by giving away a free photo shoot.

We had plenty of entries, My daughter put all the names of the entries into a bowl and she chose the winner, the video can be seen on the facebook page by clicking here

The Winner was 10 year old Freya, who had lost a total of 1 and a half stone. a massive well done to Freya. Freya continues to carry on her weight loss journey alongside her mum, who also entered the contest. Freya said she feels a lot better for losing the weight and really enjoys the foods she can have.

Here are some images from here shoot, taken at Quarry Park, Hatfield, Doncaster.

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