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Mr and Mrs Ellery's August Wedding

Autumn is approaching, and wedding season is almost over...... but really Wedding season?? is there such a thing any more? People choose to get married at various times throughout the year. We will touch on this at a later date..... but right now it was Alicia's big moment, her big day, lets embrace the wedding of Alicia and Rick Ellery.

1pm on 26th August, I arrive at the Earl of Doncaster to photograph the bride and her party who were preparing for the big day ahead, with make up already done and hair underway, a glass or two of processo was being enjoyed. Not too much of course, just a little to celebrate a day which has been booked and carefully planned over the last few months. 

Baby Elise was playing nicely in her crib just watching every one else around her, including me who was arranged shoes, jewellery, and flowers, for photographing. 

Now that the bridesmaids outfits and accessories have been captured, lets move onto the brides, the one everyone waits for, can you see a glimpse of it in the photos above?? you want another teaser?

Is that better ? No you want more? OK lets see the brides attire and what she will be wearing as she walks down the aisle. 

That's all your having for now, but doesn't Alicia look stunning? just a picture of perfection.

I love the look on her mums face as she walks out the bathroom and sees her daughter for the first time in her dress. Wonder what Mr Ellery will do when he sees his wife to be for the first time?

After a few more photos of the bride and her party, I head over to Thornhurst Manor to greet the groom and the guests who are awaiting the ceremony. 

Before all the guests make their way inside, I grab a few photos of the ceremony setting for the bride. 

By the time I get outside and take more photos of the guests just casually chatting, the brides car arrives through the gate, time to usher everyone into the ceremony.

Gorgeous, and look at that blue sky, a good afternoon is to be had here at Tornhurst Manor. Whilst the bride talks to the registrar, time for me to head back to the ceremony area, and see the groom who is patiently waiting for his wife to be.

The music starts, the bridesmaids make their entrance first, then in walks the bride, lets see the grooms face as his bride approaches him for the first time in her wedding dress, ready to say I do.

Yes, Yes Yes, the first look, definitely an approval from the groom. Alicia was emotional as were some of the guests who watched on and witnessed the marriage of Alicia and Ricky.

Alicia and Rick are now offically Mr and Mrs Ellery, Congratulations. 

Once the signing of the register had been done and they have greeted a few guests, Alicia and Rick have a bit of quiet time and go for a drive.

Whilst they were gone time to get some photos of the bidesmaids and page boys. 

As I make my way around the venue, I spot the bride and groom, arriving back, as they are greeted by their guests.

Lets head inside to view the set up for the wedding reception.

Can you spot the cake? That's where we are heading next.

Before the guests are seated for the reception and speeches, we head outside for some photos of the bride and groom.

Knock Knock, time for the speeches and there was one surprise for the groom from his bride and step son, lets say its was emotional. 

Lets not end the night there, lets celebrate with the bride and grooms first dance, before I head home for the evening, and everyone else gets merry and dances the night away.

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