• Marissa Jane

In the fast lane with Kayleigh and Ewan on their Wedding day.

I love doing wedding photography as no weddings are the same and each one has their own unique moments and style. I love to document a brides special day capturing moments she may have missed or those moments that don’t quite stay at the forefront of the memory because let’s admit it a lot goes on throughout a wedding day.

But let’s just say this particular wedding which took place on Saturday 23rd September 2017 at Rogerthorpe Manor, Pontefract will always be remembered, as my ultimate dream came true……… you will find out what that was when you read further into my blog.

As I arrive to the location and grab my equipment I have a quick look around the venue to get a feel for what can inspire me for today’s photos. The venue has some beautiful grounds plenty to work with and create a perfect setting for the bride and grooms photos, definitely a place to visit.

I knock on the brides door where it’s all happening; make up being done, hair being done, champagne flowing and lots of chatter and a brief description of how and when the groom is arriving so I don’t miss him, to which I was shocked, in disbelief and ultimate awe.

As I continue snapping the little details of Kayleigh’s attire, my focus is suddenly switched when I hear a loud purring of a suspicious engine……… As I look out the window there she is……..

Yes my absolute dream car, immediately I head downstairs this is a moment I cannot miss. I arrive at the entrance of the hotel and there it stands looking elegant, stylish, and a body to die for, no not the groom, the car, a Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport in white, top down, yes yes yes, a huge smile beamed across my face.

Oops Oh yeah sorry I came to photograph Ewan (the groom) didn’t I? it was him I didn’t want to miss taking a photo of hehe.

So the groom was in love too, his smile beamed as much as mine, well what did you expect? Moments like this don’t come often and it was all thanks to his wife to be who got this as a special gift (what a diamond) for him on his day. A very lucky man.