• Marissa Jane

Sarah and Karly's fairy tale wedding

In this century people get married at various times of the year and on different days of the week. Traditional Saturday summer weddings are no more, we have to move with the times and now people like to have a theme to help them with their wedding colours.

And this wedding was no exception, for Sarah and Karly had their heart set on a fairytale wedding, which theme would they choose...... Lets see if you can guess as we look through their fairytale wedding story.

Once upon a time, in a Castle (Hotel) not so far away a girl was having her make up done whilst admiring the wonderful views outside the tower window.

Her hair neatly wrapped up tight, and a tiara that shone like diamonds. Glittery eyes and gorgeous skin, Karly looked every inch a princess.

Before I head to meet the second Mrs to be, a few more photos of the bride getting ready for her grand wedding dress reveal.

My time now has come to head downstairs, (hope I don't lose a shoe) to meet the nervous, excited, and proud Sarah with her best lady. Sarah was frantically running around making sure all is perfect for her princess and everything was in place. Surely we had time for a quick photo opportunity and much needed rest.

Waiting with Sarah, were the little Princess bridesmaids and handsome Prince page boys

Time to head back upstairs so I can see the beautiful Karly in her dress before everyone else, always a bonus. (Luckily I didn't lose a shoe ain't no photographer got time for that)

But of course lets capture the shoes, as these are an important part of any brides outfit.

Do you think you have worked out the theme to this fairytale wedding yet ?? read on lets see if you are right ?

Now the moment has come to see Karly in her Wedding Gown