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My son pronounces us Mr and Mrs

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

When I received the message that my services would be required on 25th November 2017 for a good friend’s wedding, a year in advance I was over joyed to be asked, as i had just done the photography for her sister’s wedding. My work must be ok (blowing my own trumpet I know)

There is a lot of pressure on the photographer when shooting a wedding, never mind a friend’s wedding, but preparation is the key and finding out the little details what a bride and groom like and don't like helps make sure you capture the day perfectly for them.

So it was a rocky start to the week with the weather, plenty of rain and frost to be seen, but we were heading into winter now and the festive season, so it was expected. On the day of the wedding he shone bright, there was still a chill in the air but the big yellow man in the sky put on his hat for the big day.

I arrived at the location, grabbing my equipment I walked into the Punch Bowl, Thorne, the cleaners and staff were hard at it getting everything ready and making the room look beautiful and inviting for the ceremony. But what greeted me was what the bride was wanting,

The Stairs and Entrance all decorated festively, I knew the bride would be happy, it looked lovely.

Upstairs was my next port of call, to where the bridal party were getting ready, drinks flowing, the makeup artist painting faces and the hairdresser surrounded by grips, hairspray, and hair irons, a typical wedding morning.

The bride calm as anything, smiling all the way, as everyone else around her were frantically getting ready, making sure they were ready on time.

I heard the Groom and his boys had arrived, so it was off downstairs for me leaving the bridesmaids to get ready in peace away from the camera.

Here come the boys looking dapper, the groom slightly nervous I think, a quick photo in the library before heading to the bar to calm those nerves.

I head back upstairs where the bridesmaids were all glammed up looking beautiful in purple, but before you see them all dolled up, time for a quick choccy voddy shot maybe ??

Are you liking the purple?? They all look lovely, a selection of yumminess of purple goodness right there, and those smiles girls wear them for the day, including you Laura, hehe.

So the moment we all wait for, the bride..... in her dress, but I am afraid you are going to have to wait a little while for that shot because first things first, a little shot of the accessories of course, these things can easily be forgotten.

Ok time to see the Bride, yes the very imminent soon to be Mrs Hall in a Dress, it doesn't happen often, think this maybe the second time in a just over a year ??

Time to walk down the aisle and become Mrs Hall, there is a slight twist to this story, the minister who will marry Vickie and Karl..........

Is none other than their son Jared, who led the service and did them both proud and the congregation of family and friends.

Congratulations to the new........

After the service, the family photos, and capturing some of the guests enjoying the day, it was time for me to say goodbye for the time being and head home to get ready to celebrate with the Bride and Groom.

All the best to you both and thank you for letting me document your special day.

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