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2019 Where did you go ......

Well 2019 where did you go ??

One minute we were slowly plodding along in January; we all know January month drags, well my bookings were as slow as a snail as well. I only had 1 booking for January and that was a little home visit for a sitter session with Teddy who I also photographed as a Newborn. He had changed so much and looked like a completely different boy.

As my bookings were very quiet I booked myself in for a wedding workshop for learning off camera flash to help me improve my lighting techniques for photography. The workshop took place in the beautiful grounds of Stubton Hall in Newark, with the talented James Davies. It was an interesting workshop and got to meet some lovely people and other togs.

A few images from the workshop :

So from Weddings I jump straight back to capturing 6 month old Syndey in a little sitter session. These are perfect for capturing their milestone years as they change and develop from newborn to toddler stage.

And that was it for a few weeks, I enjoyed my free time with my family going places and bonding, but my fingers were itching to press that shutter speed and play in photoshop and lightroom. hmm my brain was on overtime thinking of something I could do or offer to get me behind that camera again. Then out of the blue just when I was giving up an enquiry came through, yes it was for a fairy shoot. That was it I was buying props and planning for this fairy session. But I couldn't get my claws into the shoot yet because it took a couple of months planning this set up.

My next booking was scheduled early February .. a wedding, just a small affair, but sometimes you don't need the big lavish wedding. This is why I try and cater for all budgets. My first wedding of 2019 at Clifton Park Museum for Frances and Adam Moore :

A Beautiful bride and a welcoming family. I couldn't have asked for better for my first wedding.

It was now bac to the Fairy sessions, I was already and set up for my Fairies.

Months March and April were very quiet, so I thought, rather than put all the fairy set up away, why not leave it out and try and get more bookings for the Mini fairy sessions, so I did a model shoot for advertising purposes. I didn't get many bookings but it kept me behind the camera where I love to be, and honestly I actually enjoyed editing these, producing magical images for the children to look back on.

So whilst I was having some quiet time in my bookings I decided to attend another workshop with Chris Chambers at Hodsock Priory learning more off camera flash. These workshops have really helped my images pop that much more. It may be freezing whilst we are attending them in the winter months but It has to be done, "No Pain no Gain" the saying goes. Here are some images from the this workshop.

I did actually love the mood of this workshop, moody and dark, just like me as people would say, I don't think I am in fact I am totally opposite haha.

The next couple of bookings I got were totally different, I got my first newborn session of the year, 4 week old Preston who was quite restless during his mini session, giving me a tough time to start with.

And then I got my first Cake smash session for 1 year old Bodhi, little did I know this would be my last year for Cake smashes at the time

Did you spot someone else who wanted a piece of the action hehe...... Bodhi's big brother Junior literally getting a piece haha

Not long after my second cake smash session was upon me, for Lucy this time who turned the big O.N.E. It really did not take Lucy long to get stuck into her cake, she was that messy she need the splash part of the session.

A before I knew it another cake smash was booked, they were really coming at me thick and fast now, and guess what all this cake and I never get a piece of any of them haha

It was another little Princes first birthday, little Alfie who I photographed for his first Christmas session in 2018, I do love my returning clients and seeing their children grow throughout the years. Here he is with his Peter Rabbit themed cake smash, his face says it all the little smiler :)

Wow three cake smash sessions in succession...... next I had 4 newborns in succession, talk about the Baby boom lol we got to meet Halle, Anna, Matilda and Delilah and including siblings, all princesses as well :) Not bad for someone who is surrounded by boys at home haha

Girls don't always have to be in pink do they ? There was difinitely a bit of variety in my photography in 2019, because next came Wedding Season.

As you can see I try and capture as much as I can during your day despite your chosen package,from Bridal prep to First dance and everything in between.

From weddings back to shooting babies, but the travels were not over this yet this time I headed to Leeds to see my friend Nancy and her little brother Reggie for his sister session as part of his milestones package.

So my time in Leeds was done, as my next booking was very local to me and was to capture the moment the new Mr and Mrs Petch said their vows.

Time to head back to Leeds to capture an ex work colleague Craig and his new wife to be Naomi to say their I dos

The weddings were not over yet it was time to put more miles on the clock and head to a very wet Wakefield for an emotional day for Gillian and Wayne. It got quite emotional during the ceremony and Gillian was seen to give her new husband some encouraging hugs in between their vows.

And that was the last wedding for a few months, but I wasn't finished yet, another little princess had arrived this Autumn in 2019, Meet Princess Holly and her Brother Harry.

I was scheduled to do an outdoor mini session with a family but the weather turned ugly and down came the rain, and more rain and more rain, it just did not stop causing major floods in our areas, we had to postpone the family session until the weather decided to change. So in the meantime we got to see our little friend Reggie the cookie monster, well he most certainly was at his cake session. Reggie was to be my last ever cake smash session, and we finished on an high.

So that was goodbye to my cake smash session, they were fun but I needed to concentrate on what I enjoyed doing the most and give my Photography a bit more focus is certain areas which I had decided to move forward with Weddings, Child Portraits and Newborns only. So of course what do I have scheduled next ........

Yes a mini Newborn Session with Baby Ivy, and also a full newborn session with Baby Lennox

Christmas was fast approaching so we all know what comes with Christmas .......... The Christmas mini sessions where we can get children giddy and excited that Santa is coming and its time for snow. This year I did 2 separate set ups, because changing scenes in the middle of a 30 min session was a silly idea on my part, which I discovered the previous year, so yes I was not going to make that mistake again. This is what you can expect from my Christmas minis. I will be advertising them in July on my VIP Group first to those who are following my VIP group. If you are interested and not following give me a message and will invite you.

These were not the only Christmas sessions I did, I also did some window sessions.

So there didn't seem to be any slowing down periods yet in my diary, I have more babies making their arrivals delivering the best Christmas pressies for Mummies and Daddies...... Themselves of course :) A few more mini sessions and first to arrive was Roman.

And then comes another little Princess Regan with her big Sister Romie

Oh my all these photos of Babies my ovaries are twitching lol, I do love to get my cuddles in when I am doing newborn shoots.

Do you remember me mentioning earlier about the outdoor session we had to reschedule, well finally we managed to complete the session in December, thought we were maybe going in to 2020 with this one lol

So with the outdoor session finally wrapped up were nearly at the end of the year, but first we had an early arrival of Baby Max, who was so tiny. You can see how tiny he was compared to our sleigh. Yes because Baby Max arrived near Christmas it was only right to incorporate a Couple of Christmas images to his gallery. Max brought along his big Sister Arabella who who I have previously photographed and I also did Max's Mummy and Daddies Wedding.

So before my diary closed for the year of 2019, there was one more booking, which I don't usually take booking in between Christmas and New year, but due to the loss of my dad earlier in the year and 29th December would have been his birthday, I decided to take the booking and keep me busy editing. So my final wedding of 2019 was at the Reindeer Inn in Sandtoft for Mr and Mrs Gleeson.

A wonderful way to finish the year..

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made a booking with me, you would not believe how much it means to me when you book me for your photography sessions what ever the package.

Everytime I get a booking I do a, little inside happy dance, because you are helping me do what I love to do and to help make your memories come true and are there to look at over and over again to help you cherish those memories forever

So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!

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