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Everything Stops for Tea!!

Tea.!!!.... A nice hot cup of Yorkshire Tea (well I am from Yorkshire lol) maybe you prefer PG tips, Tetley, or any other brand for that matter?

To be honest I prefer the supermarkets own brand tea bags, I don't like my tea strong, I like milky and sweet tea.....yep, that's how I roll! I bet your going eww right now aren't you ha ha, bet you prefer more of a builders tea Strong no sugar? Maybe not, maybe your a fruit/herbel tea lover.

Well that's where it gets interesting, see I have tried lemon tea and peppermint tea before, but it was not my thing at all and I didn't try it again. Are you the same? Maybe like me you just never tried the correct flavoured tea before ?

And no they are not all the same. So whilst shopping at my local Aldi supermarket I spotted their branded herbal teas, I thought okay a box of 40 for £0.75 for some berry ones, yeah why not it's worth a try at that price right? so without a second thought I picked the box of the shelf and popped it in my basket. Yes that's it I made the decision to try them. Just remember I am a woman, my mind constantly changing, that's me thinking should I shouldn't I? Okay so they are going past me on the conveyor belt getting closer to the checkout guy, my brain tick tick ticking away yes, no, yes, no, oh sod it, its only £0.75, just let it go. So yes I did go ahead and buy them ha ha. Who the hell is like me so indecisive?

So I get home and unpack all the shopping and whilst unpacking I spy my tea bags. Hmm so when will I actually try them?? well I decided to take a few bags out of the box and take them to work to try. So yes I had my first one whilst sat at my desk, hmm not bad, so thought next I would try one again and then before I knew it I was drinking about 3 mugs of this infused tea a day at work then abother when I got home. Surely it was bad for my teeth having so many, but baring in mind I had my normal tea sweet my teeth were probably no better off. I was curious of what the benefits were so of course I googled didn't I, I don't think I actually looked anything up before google was about lol.

Yes of course berries are good for you they help the toxins in your body and the hot water flushes your body. I was intrigued about other herbal teas and how they could benefit my health.

So I went looking for more tea I could use, my colleagues at work also started bringing more herbal teas into the office for us all to try. I tried some twining's Mango, Pineapple and Ginseng, to aid with focus aparantly. Hmm I wasn't convinced I would like it when I spelt the flavours, and I was right yuck, I couldn't drink it, I carried on with my berry tea, I knew I was safe with that he he.

Whilst shopping again I saw Aldi did a Speciality selection of infusion teas, but one that caught my eye was the Forest Fruits. I even love the tea bag its rather attractive and the flavours coming from tea bag were yummy and fresh. And you know what .... It certainly did not disappoint. Yes this was my new favourite flavour. It was slightly more expensive that the original berry tea I bought, but come on you pay for what you get and it was worth it. This time there was no yes no going on he he.

I was scheduled to go on a wedding photography Workshop to Carlton Towers, I decided to take my own berry tea bags; you know just in case they didn't have any. Of course I was wrong they had the Twining's versions all different infusion flavours: Blackberry and Blackcurrant, Strawberry and raspberry and St Clements, these went down rather well I must say. My favourite being the Strawberry and Raspberry.

I got to work and raved about the Twining's infusion Tea that were on offer and how I obsessed about the Strawberry and Raspberry one. I must have really raved on about it because one day as I arrived to work, my work colleague had been and bought me some strawberry and raspberry tea bags from Marks and Spencers. I was seriously becoming addicted to infused teas ha ha, well isn't that a good addiction ??

So I had my favourite infused teas: Forest Fruits, Berry and Strawberry and Raspberry, it then got me thinking, (yes its dangerous ha ha) hmm what else could I try? Of course I bought more, this time I went to Sainsbury's and bought Blackberry, Apple, Beetroot and Ginger Taste the Difference range (another new favourite) and a Pukka range; Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey.

Well this time the Corona virus was well and truly in the news and apparently lemon and the honey tea were beneficial to keeps colds at bay, so it was the best time to try them. It wasn't the best I loved the taste of the honey, but I think the Ginger was bit too strong for me, I prefer sweet. I actually started back drinking the Twining's Mango and Pineapple with Ginseng again and weirdly I started to enjoy it. It had a very distinct taste but really enjoyable. Personally I don't think I gave myself time to like it the last time I was too quick to judge.

Now I can definitely say my tea breaks at work are not boring and who ever is on drink duty never know what I will ask for next, add a bit of spice to your life ha ha.

Leave me a comment of what infused tea you recommed or is your favourite?

All photos by Me and can be found on Instagram account @marissajaynexx

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