• Marissa Jane

Those Perfect Baby Photos

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

The moment has come to check your results, you see those 2 lines or that word ........ Pregnant. Whether you have been waiting years for this result or months it all feels so emotional, and now your thinking when is my baby due? what is my baby going to look like, will I have a baby boy or girl, what will I need, how do I tell my partner/mum/sister, you start downloading all the baby stage apps to see how your little seed is growing.

From day 1 of finding out you are counting down the days to your first 12 week dating scan. The first glimpse of your little bean and that heartbeat, the emotions you feel watching the screen are unbelievable, and then comes the confirmed due date, because we all know you have been on google already calculating your due date. Am I right?