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Capturing the perfect baby photos

Updated: Apr 7

The moment has come to check your results, you see those 2 lines or that word ........ Pregnant. Whether you have been waiting years for this result or months it all feels so emotional, and now your thinking when is my baby due? what is my baby going to look like, will I have a baby boy or girl, what will I need, how do I tell my partner/mum/sister, you start downloading all the baby stage apps to see how your little seed is growing.

From day 1 of finding out you are counting down the days to your first 12 week dating scan. The first glimpse of your little bean and that heartbeat, the emotions you feel watching the screen are unbelievable, and then comes the confirmed due date, because we all know you have been on google already calculating your due date. Am I right?

So you have your due date, it seems ages away, now your thinking I can announce the news to your friends and family and lets not forget of course your social media account. Nothing else comes across your mind apart from that due date, it is constantly at the back of your mind, yes, its 9 months away, its a long time and you just want it to be over already.

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But unfortunately these days and months will seem like forever, every week that passes you are looking at your baby app to see what stage your baby is growing at; is baby the size of a lemon, apple or watermelon? how long is baby? what will baby weigh now? I bet the thought of a newborn photo shoot hasn't even crossed your mind yet? and why should it because baby does not arrive for another 9 months. To be honest this stage in your Pregnancy, your 12 week milestone, is the pivotal moment to book your newborn session. The reason is because Photographers can get bookings well in advance, just imagine how many people are having babies, (you would be surprised) and how many photographers are around in your area.

You also need to find the right photographer for you, the one who can capture the images you want and to remember your little baby before they grow. Believe me once your baby has arrived those days, weeks and months will fly by, it won't be like when you was pregnant. Just remember also when you do search for a photographer ensure they are insured and trained to pose your new baby.

Now your probably thinking how do they know when my baby will be born? When our clients book for their newborn shoots, we schedule dates in our diaries around your due date to ensure we can book you in at the earliest so we can capture those posed images when baby is sleepy.

The best time to capture your baby is around 14 days.

Now what do you get in a newborn shoot? each photographer has different packages, which you will receive details of when enquiring to book them for your newborn shoot.

Some photographers including myself do offer home shoots, this is really helpful if you are struggling to venture out your home, maybe after having an emergency c section or you simply do not want to leave the home.

So now you have your newborn session booked and are guaranteed those early moments being captured of your new baby. You can now concentrate on buying what your baby needs and planning for their arrival. As part of my booking I will provide my clients with a prep guide for all newborn sessions to help ensure a smooth session and we get those sleepy shots you are longing for.

All that's left to do now is keep checking your baby app for the stages of your baby and counting down those days waiting for your new baby to arrive. Once baby has arrived your probably so tired, overwhelmed, and the last thing your thinking after giving birth is your newborn session. Of course enjoy your first day with baby and your new little family, but just remember to contact your photographer the next day to ensure you are given the best date. Once you have your date confirmed, you can relax and enjoy your new baby.

Please remember if you don't book early, you could lose the opportunity to get your newborn photos if you leave it for when baby is born to find a photographer.


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