• Marissa Jane

Gaining the pounds without gaining the pounds! My Slimming world Pregnancy Journey

In January 2017 I was at my heaviest at 13 stone, embarrassing really, and I felt quite disgusted in myself if I am being honest.  I mean 13 Stone!!  This was my full term weight during my 4 pregnancies….Wow… ouch, that hurt.

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The thing is once my children had grown up a little and were in full time school, I kinda got into my fitness, I joined the gym, I started running (cant do it now have buggered my knees up) and stuck to healthy eating.

In September 2016 I weighed a 9 Stone 13 lbs, and felt great and ready for my holiday to Portugal. But after my holiday I became stuck in the ways of living over there. With the holiday being all inclusive it really didn't help, I kept telling myself I was on holiday and I should enjoy it whilst i can seen as I don't have many holidays, plus I had paid for it after all. Isn't that what we all do? Well, the thing is it didn’t stop when my holiday was over, it carried on when I got home. I continued to eat junk, (mainly kebabs and takeaways and alcoholic beverages most nights) I never re-joined the gym, I paid for it just never went. By me living this way, the weight just piled on me, and In January 2017 I weighed my heaviest ever, as stated at the beginning. This was it, it was time to make a difference, so I finally made a decision to change my life for good and join Slimming world.

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It was a real change, right from the beginning, but I got into the whole cooking from scratch, I actually really enjoyed it and felt I had accomplished loads and praised myself on a job well done. There was plenty of food to choose from which we as a family could eat. With access to the slimming world app and the online recipes, along with the pinch of nom website it became a lot easier to choose a varied menu throughout the week, which made it less boring.

It was the snacking that became a problem, on an evening where I would eat 3 packets of crisps I decided to change that and have a cup of tea with a sweetener (this was a woman who used to have 3 sugars in her tea) to try and fill the hole. The only problem was I used to have a packet of custard creams with my cuppa, this had to be changed, so what did I do?? I had scrambled egg, or a benefit bar from Aldi as my syn allowance instead. It was a big change but I had to remember why I was doing this. I didn’t want to get any bigger.